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Getting Ready

to visit Dentists 4 Children

We'll take care of your kids!

The dental care and practices established during childhood have a lifetime impact. The staff and doctors at Dentists 4 Children make every effort to provide quality dental care and help your child feel safe and comfortable during each visit. Parents play an important role in setting the stage for a lifetime of healthy smiles by having a positive attitude and setting a good example.

We feel that in order for your child to receive the maximum benefits of modern dentistry, it is essential that both parents are aware of the dental health of their child.

  • Pleae arrive 15 minutes early with your DENTAL INSURANCE CARD and RECORDS FROM ANY PREVIOUS DENTIST. Use the Records Release Form to request information from prior dentist. If previous x-rays or if the digital x-rays are not readable, they will have to be retaken by D4C at an additional charge to you.
  • If your child has had any heart conditions, please contact our office by phone prior to your appointment.
  • In getting ready for our office to go paperless, we have a new patient portal. This will give you access to your child's information including appointments. Please call our office for further instructions on registering your child for our patient portal.

What to Expect

During your child’s first visit to our kid friendly office, the staff and doctors will be reviewing your child’s medical history, dental history, dietary habits, and oral hygiene practices.

 If a child’s mouth is to develop and grow properly, the first (primary) teeth must be healthy. Please realize that x-rays enable the dentist to thoroughly examine and condition a patient for treatment. Moreover, this is an easier introduction to dentistry rather than rushing into the mouth with instruments.

At the first visit the teeth are cleaned, painted with fluoride, and x-rays will be taken. Your child will be instructed on the care of his or her teeth. This will include tooth brushing instruction as well as diet control. If the child is suffering from a toothache, emergency treatment will be made on that tooth only. No fillings will be done on a first visit. We do prefer to see our smaller children (6 years and under), special needs patients, and/or uncooperative patients during our morning appointments.

On completion of these procedures, your child will be examined by Dr. Vann, Dr. Thornton, or Dr. Jenkins, and the condition of your child’s mouth will then be related to you. If you prefer a specific doctor, please inform the assistant who calls your child back to the treatment room otherwise, either or all doctors may examine your child.

We find as a general rule, that children enjoy being the center of attention. As a result of this desire, they cooperate better if the parent does not accompany them into the treatment room. Let your child enjoy “His or Her Day”. The doctors, hygienists, and assistants will discuss your child’s dental health with you at the proper time.

The main purpose of the first dental visit is to provide your family with the knowledge of how to care properly for your child’s teeth now and in the future. We encourage you to ask us any questions you may have regarding your child’s teeth or hygiene techniques. We want this first visit to be educational and fun for both your child and the rest of the family.

How to Prepare Your Child

It is essential that you discuss dentistry at home so that your child understands why he or she is being brought to the dental office. Please use positive phrases and refrain from saying "the doctor will not hurt you." Instead, say "the doctor will be gentle while working and take good care of you".

We will treat your child as we would our own children while rendering dental care to them. We want them to have a fun experience but the important thing is to do the dentistry and do it correctly. Children's dentistry is not a game or a plaything but a health service. We do offer special techniques such as nitrous oxide and mouth props to help make the treatment visit as pleasant as possible. Papoose procedures and other behavior management techniques will require your signature and will be discussed before these techniques are used.

Please do not be upset if your child cries. Crying is a normal reaction to fear. Children are sometimes afraid of things new or strange. We will explain procedures and spend as much time as is needed in order to make them feel as comfortable as possible! We recommend reading books that will help explain to your child what will happen at the dentist office. You can also explain what we will be doing in a language that your child will understand.

Good phrases to use:
• The dentist is going to brush your teeth.
• The dentist may take some pictures of your teeth.
• If you are good, the dentist will give you a reward.

Words you should refrain from using:

• Shot
• Needle
• Drill
• Pull


It is our intention never to keep a patient waiting past his or her appointment time. For this reason, we ask that you be prompt for all appointments.  However, please realize that a child may require more attention than was expected and may run into your allotted time. Please understand that we will give your child the exact attention that he or she needs when it is their turn. If an appointment needs to be canceled or rescheduled please notify us at least 24 hours in advance.

Our appointment reminder system will call you two days prior to confirm your scheduled appointment. You will be prompted to confirm by pressing the "1" key on your touch tone telephone. You also have the option to cancel by pressing the "2" key.  We will attempt to contact you the next business day to reschedule for a day more convenient. If you are not available, the system will leave a message on your voice mail and you can call the next day (7:00 am – 4:00 pm) to confirm or cancel your child's appointment.

If you ever need to discuss your child’s dental health, please feel free to call our office. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child’s “SMILE”.